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Ringo Award Nomination

My friend, and frequent collaborator, Jeff McClelland and I did a really fun one-page story that was published in a free comics-only newspaper, called Magic Bullet. It is a story about a frog in space that can't help himself. The anthology was nominated for the Ringo Award in the 'Best Anthology' category. It's a terrific publication, and I discovered a bunch of new creators that I now follow in it.

I had a ton of fun doing the art for it. On this job Jeff continued to show the many reasons why I love working with him. In addition to his being a terrific writer, he allows me to experiment and grow as an artist each time out. This time, I decided to render a lot of it with dry brush for the shadow areas. I overdid it a bit, but it led me to incorporate that technique into my regular repertoire.

If you are a member of the comics community and have worked in the field, you are eligible to vote for it. You can check out the publication here:

If you dig it, hop on over to and give us a vote.

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