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Comic Book Artist, Creator, Writer, and Designer



The Tick (NEC), TMNT/Batman Adventures (DC and IDW), TMNT  (IDW), TMNT Animated Adventures (IDW), TMNT Universe (IDW), Red Sonja (Dynamite), Usagi Yojimbo (IDW) Vampirella (Dynamite), Go! Go! Power Rangers (BOOM!), GI Joe (IDW), Cyber Specter (Scout), Planet Comics (Wagon Wheel), IRONFACE, The Axe of Hellena (Fat Cat Funnies), AR Comics, Imaginary Drugs (IDW), Wally and Tessie (Boston Red Sox/MLB)

I have been a professional Graphic Designer and Illustrator since I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Curry College in 2007. I have worked in all levels of print production, creative services, and design for a wide array of clients and platforms.
I worked as the lead print technician for a print shop for five years, and my next position was as an in-house Creative Director for a publishing and marketing firm in Boston, and I am currently the Creative Director and Editor-In-Chief for Altered Reality Entertainment and their subsidiary, AR Comics. My hands-on experience is extensive and vital to creating award-winning, engaging, and dynamic products and world-class pop culture events.
In addition to my design skills, I have had extensive training and experience in fine art and illustration. My comic book work has been featured in such titles as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Tick. My poster illustrations have been printed in runs exceeding 100,000 units, and I continue to expand my horizons in both digital and traditional mediums.


A photo of myself and Rich Woodall (Scout Comics/Black Caravan) leading a comic panel discussion.

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