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News to Me - 3/22/2022


Batman and the Shadow Sketch Cover From Live Drawing on 3/20/2022

A lot of people have asked about the return of my live drawing streams, and I've finally got them set up and going again. I didn't want to bring them back without improvements, and I bought a new camera, got a better internet connection, and some new digital supplies to provide a more professional video. I'm still working out the schedule, but I will likely return to Wednesday nights.

You can watch them on YouTUBE, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, or My Website:


Cover Art by Pat Boyette

I went to the comic book store over the weekend. I hit up Time Capsule in Sekonk. They have half-off back issues. I bought a stack of mystery, science fiction, and horror anthology comics. They are all self-contained stories with art by folks like John Buscema, Dick Giordano, Tom Sutton, Steve Ditko, Pat Boyette, and many others. I'm very much looking forward to reading them.

Toth, Garcia-Lopez, Gold and Silver Ages Goodness!

I also got some cheap treasury-editions on ebay. I got the Superfriends, Justice League, and Secret Origins of Super Villains.


With superhero movies, I tend to like to watch them after the dust settles. I like going to the theater, but I need more than it being based on comic books to get me there. I like to watch them comfortably at home after the discourse has vanished from my Social Media feeds.

Side note: In the old days, there was a cheap movie theater that had older movies on the big screen. I could see a blockbuster months after it came out in a theater with a handful of other people for $5. It was glorious.

I watched The Snyder cut of Justice League. It made absolutely more sense as a sequel to the prior movies of the DCU. I think it treated Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Aquaman better than the Joss Whedon/Studio/Theatrical version did. The addition of Darkseid and the Fourth World certainly increased the stakes and scope. The special effects overall were terrific. As I expect from a Zack Snyder film, visually, it's spectacular.

Also, as tends to happen with Zack Snyder's films, some story and character choices just weren't for me. I did not like the characterization of Superman. While his arc made more sense on the setup from the prior films, (Man of Steel and Batman vs. Superman) it just wasn't for me. Superman, I admit, is a hard character to write, and everyone has internalized who their Superman is. This just wasn't mine. I felt like the overall story dragged because of all of the elements it tries to tie together and the attempted weight of the material. To me, this felt like a casualty of the ambition scope. Every conflict is the presented as the worst thing they've ever faced, and the problem is usually solved by repetitive brute force.

I honestly believe that if this were a big-budget serialized show (See Peacemaker, which I loved), it would have worked better for me. The film was broken up into parts by the director already. In my opinion, it was a better movie, in the context of the rest of the DCU than the previous cut. It's just a particular flavor of ice cream that I'm not always in the mood for.


I've signed up for a few conventions. You can check out the guest lists and their websites here:

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