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A Blog, As Opposed to A Post

Hey Folks,

It's your old pal, Ian, here. This blog will be an attempt to post some things that I wouldn't normally post on Social Media. I have some longer thoughts, and I hate reading long posts on Facebook. Also, on social media, posts are shown to connections, whether they want to see them or not. I feel like I would be forcing you to read whatever nonsense I am shoveling out of my brain at any given time.

Alas, this is not that. Here, you've chosen to come to my page, in this tiny, insignificant, corner of the internet, and you have already told me, "I want to read whatever this is... for better or for worse."

I welcome you, and I applaud your effort in getting here. If it isn't good, at the very least, it'll be interesting.



A cigar box that was given to me by Pat Broderick. I keep art supplies in it when I go to shows.

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