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The Axe of Hellena #1 Print Comic. The ongoing fantasy-adventure of Hellena, her brother Njata, and the Old Man begins here, as they encounter a figure from Old Man's past as they step closer to finding their goal. Monster, violence, and adventure are all here in this first issue by Ian Chase Nichols.

Cover Art by John Lucas (Deadpool, Conan, X-Force, Before Houdini)

Pinups by Pat Broderick (Red Sonja, Batman, Captain Atom, Firestorm), Paris Cullins (Blue Beetle, Blue Devil, New Gods, Wonder Woman), Bill Walko (The Hero Business, Archie, Sabrina), and Douglas Paskiewicz (Arsenic Lullaby, MAD, The Tick, Valiant Comics)

Flats by Jesse Lundberg

The Axe of Hellena #1 Print Comic

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