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Logos and Branding

Logos and branding are the first part of a business or project that anyone sees. In a single image and few words, they need to be able to convey a definite message and leave a lasting impression.


RI Anime Expo Logo

I designed the logo for the brand-new RI Anime Expo.

Otaku Con Logo

Prior to its renaming to RI Anime Expo, the same show was called Otaku Con, and I designed the logo and ad campaign for it.

Otaku Con Variations

Here are variations on the Otaku Con logo that I came up with prior to selecting the final one. My inspirations were Hokusai and Sumi-E brush paintings.

Fat Cat Funnies Logo

This is the logo for my creator-owned comics which I self-publish.

Mooby's RICC Logo

I was asked to combine Kevin Smith's Mooby's logo with the Rhode Island Comic Con logo when Kevin Smith was coming to RICC with a pop-up Mooby's restaurant. In addition to this logo, I designed the entire restaurant and all of its signs and print materials.

Poptropolis Logos

Another proposed name change for new pop culture conventions from Altered Reality Entertainment.

RICC Summer Edition

When we originally didn't know when things would open up again during the Covid-19 pandemic, Altered Reality considered doing a summer con. These were the proposed logo ideas I put together.

Epic Comic Con Logo

This was another logo that I did for Altered Reality Entertainment.

Con At Home Logos

During the Covid-19 pandemic shutdowns, Altered Reality considered doing a Con At Home event. They chose not to go forward with it, but I designed logos, a website, and other support materials.

Esteem Signatures Logos

Esteem Signatures is a subsidiary of Altered Reality Entertainment. They use this brand on their authentic signature COAs and memorabilia.

Colorado Springs Comic Con Logo

Altered Reality Entertainment's Colorado Springs Comic Con logo.

Perrco Properties Logo

Steven Perry's Real Estate Holdings logo.

Empire State Comic Con Logo

Altered Reality Entertainment's Empire State Comic Con Logo

Altered Reality Entertainment Logo

Altered Reality is the parent company of Rhode Island Comic Con, Colorado Springs, Comic Con, and numerous other Pop Culture events.

Altered Reality Team Up Comic Title
The Axe of Hellena Comic Title

Fat Cat Funnies Title Design

ICECAP Comic Title

Providence Bruins-published comic book title design

Little Rhodie Comic Title

Altered Reality Comic Title Design

Rhode Warrior Comic Title

Altered Reality Comic Title Design

Altered Reality Showcase Title

Altered Reality Comic Title Design

Dr. Aquatitc Title Logo

Altered Reality Comic Title Design

Osprey Comics Title Logo

Altered Reality Comic Title Design

Acuity Financial Logo

Logo used by Curtis Cloke for his company, Acuity Finantial

Team Pride Logo

Logo for the alpine women's ski team, Team Pride.

Pendragon Financial Logo
Infocus Training Camp Poster
Infocus Business Card
The Cash Play Dust Jacket

Dust jacket for Sean Quigley's book, The Cash Play, published by Acanthus Publishing.

Personal Branding Sean Quigley

Logo for Sean Quigley

Speaker's Website Sean Quigley

Website design for Sean Quigley.

Crowninshield Logo
Crowninshield Masthead
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