If you like the fantasy genre, this is the one for you! You get both my creator-owned fantasy book, The Axe of Hellena #1 (Story and Interior Art by Ian Chase Nihols, Cover by John Lucas (Deadpool, Conan, After Houdini), with pinups by Pat Broderick (Batman, Captain Atom, Red Sonja), Paris Cullins (Blue Beetle, Blue Devil, New Gods), Bill Walko (The Hero Business, Archie, Sabrina), and Douglas Paskiewicz (Arsenic Lullaby, Mad Magazine, Valiant) and also includes a copy of Red Sonja #1 written by Mirka Andolfo with my variant cover art! 


Both books come signed at no additional charge. 

Axe of Hellena & Red Sonja Comic Combo!

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